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New Website Showcases Land Reuse Mission of Montgomery County Land Bank

New Website Showcases Land Reuse Mission of Montgomery County Land Bank

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The Montgomery County Land Bank has launched a great new website that highlights the Land Bank’s mission and explains how it partners with local governments, citizens, and investors to facilitate reutilization of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  The website also provides information on specific Land Bank-owned properties that are currently available for rehab and reuse.

The Land Bank’s mission is “to facilitate the transition of blighted, foreclosed and abandoned properties into viable, marketable properties by working collaboratively with public and private entities in a financially responsible, transparent manner with a long-term goal of returning these properties to the tax roll.”

Mike Grauwelman, the Land Bank’s Executive Director, is optimistic about the website’s potential to get the word out about the Land Bank’s work and services.  “Our goal is to build awareness about the user-friendly tools and programs we offer to help jurisdictions and individuals remove eyesores and transform abandoned, tax-foreclosed properties into productive assets.”

The Land Bank also helps local townships, villages and cities solve their worst real estate issues. As the local conduit for state demolition grants, the Land Bank is on course to help Montgomery County communities demolish 350 troubled properties through the funding program.

A land bank (also known as a “land reutilization corporation”) is a creature of Ohio law with authority set forth in Revised Code Chapters 1724 and 5722.  The Board of County Commissioners created the Montgomery County Land Reutilization Corporation in 2012 as a response to the surge of tax foreclosures and abandoned, vacant properties.

In addition to its work in residential communities, the Land Bank partners with local governments and investors to facilitate the cleanup, redevelopment and reuse of environmentally-distressed commercial and industrial properties in Montgomery County.  Other counties in western Ohio are also in the process of forming land banks.  Shelby County formed one this spring, and Champaign County is reportedly in active discussions.

If you have questions about how the Montgomery County Land Bank can support you or your community in land reutilization or real estate issues, contact Mike Grauwelman at (937) 531-7035 or

Van Kley & Walker serves as legal counsel to the Montgomery County Land Bank on issues of environmental law.