Van Kley Law, LLC
practical insight in environmental law

Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Companies

As a former government litigator and large-firm practitioner, Jack Van Kley understands both the government and business perspectives of environmental law and policy.

We represent industrial, commercial, and retail business clients across a wide range of economic sectors. Our clients range from multinational corporations to family businesses, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships. We evaluate complex environmental issues for corporate legal and technical staffs, and also act as general environmental counsel for medium and small companies that do not have internal legal staffs. We have the perspective to understand issues of environmental law from every angle, and to appreciate the unique needs and priorities of business clients.

Environmental Compliance Counseling

For decades, Jack Van Kley has provided answers to complex and challenging questions of environmental law that businesses need in order to operate, grow, and succeed. Savvy businesses understand the importance of competent environmental compliance counseling in order to prevent legal liability, neighbor complaints, and negative publicity that result from inadvertent violations of environmental requirements.

Environmental Enforcement Defense

Businesses operate within a complex maze of environmental laws. It’s not unusual for even the most conscientious and sophisticated company to become a target of an environmental lawsuit, administrative order, notice of violation, or demand letter. We assist our business clients in negotiating reasonable resolutions of those claims where appropriate — but when the stakes are high or the claims are unreasonable or unjustified, we defend our clients forcefully and diligently. In either case, we draw on our decades of experience and our knowledge as former government enforcement attorneys to inform our clients’ defense strategy.

Environmental Permits

Businesses often need environmental permits in order to construct or operate a plant or facility. We help business clients obtain environmental permits that are timely and practical, and advise them on permit compliance and interpretation to reduce the risk of future environmental liability.

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